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Cores 30cl Scented Candles - CORES_CANDLES
Cores 30cl Scented Candles - CORES_CANDLES
Cores 30cl Scented Candles - CORES_CANDLES

Aromatherapy 30cl Candles

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With up to 48 hours burning time our candles come in 30cl clear pots with a gorgeous bamboo lid and wrapped in a black tube box. Each candle is scented with a essential oils, based on aromatherapy and their benefits for your health and the surrounding environment.
Why do we use soy wax?
- Natural - soy candles are made from soybeans, a natural, renewable source grown in many regions by local farmers. Using candles made from soy supports local agriculture and farmers, allowing them to make money and grow their operations.
- Cleaner burning - a candle made from soy wax burns cleaner with little soot released as the candle burns (no black soot into the air or jar). Soy candles are also non-toxic, so they won't release toxins into the air as they burn.
- Longer lasting - soy candles typically last longer than a paraffin candle of the same size. The reason behind the longevity of soy candles is the slower burning rate and cooler burning temperature of the soybean-based wax. You may pay more for a soy candle initially, but the longer-lasting burn means you won't have to buy new candles as often. Soy wax is also biodegradable, making it an investment that benefits the environment.
- Better scent - a soy candle works well for holding onto the scent from essential oils, which we use to scent our candles. Because they burn more slowly, the scent is gradually released; there won't be an immediate wave of strong scent. This creates a more pleasant atmosphere for most people. The natural wax also holds onto colour well, which makes it look more attractive.

The candles are made to order please allow 5 days before shipping.